About Us

Fredericton Property Partners is a federally registered family owned business based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. We use real estate as a vehicle for our investment. Real estate investment in New Brunswick is a hot spot in the face of soaring market in other provinces. The average price of a house in Vancouver, B.C and Toronto, Ontario in 2018 was 6.3 and 4.4 times higher respectively compared to the same quality property in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Our goal is also to invest anywhere we find opportunities and partner with investors.

We partner with successful coaches and mentors from Rich Dad Legacy Financial Training and World’s #1 wealth Coach, JT Foxx.

Our mission:

We get our partners the best return on their money. We solve our clients problems through buying homes in any condition and location, cash or term and we close deals fast.

Core values:

We value integrity, accountability, transparency, and effective partnership. We are committed to making 10% donation to charitable organizations on our net income.


Our vision is to grow together with our partners.

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