What is foreclosure?

Foreclosure is a process where the lender/mortgagee (bank or private) asks the court to cancel the mortgagor’s equity when they default on the payment as in the agreement.

Will I lose my home?

We understand this is a serious concern. This depends on where you are in the foreclosure process and how this can be reversed. It is easier and cheaper to manage this at early phase of foreclosure process.

What is the next step?

Again, your next step depends on where you are in the foreclosure process.

Are there different foreclosure processes?

Yes. There are two types of foreclosure process depending on your province. These are judicial and none judicial or Power of Sale. The judicial process starts with a lawsuit against the owner while the power of sale starts with notification to the owner when there is a default. Your next steps depends on the type of the process and where your case is at.

Are you a realtor?

No. We are not realtors. We are private real estate investors who work for profit

How can you help me?

  • We are not lawyers, but, we can give you basic foreclosure related home owners right information for free.
  • We can answer your questions regarding the process to our level best and how this can be reverse.
  • We can discuss possible ways of debt relief.
  • We can help save your credit and/or your home depending on how far this has gone.

Why are you helping me?

We are private investors and we want to help solving this problem and buy your home if that is the only option. By doing this we will save your credit, again, we do this if this is the only option to get you out of this situation.i

Will you buy my house?

We would like to discuss with you how we could be of help to you. We would like to get some more information before we promise how we could do that. Please contact us if you want to discuss this matter?