Lease Option Program


What if my credit is bad?

You can still be a good candidate for lease option/rent to own as long as you are motivated and willing to work with us and our financial team to help you improve your credit.
Our goal is to transform renters into home owners.

How much deposit do I need?

Your up-front deposit is less than what you could be asked to make try the bank to buy a house. It is also very small compared to the value of the property.

I recently filed bankruptcy. Can I still apply?

Yes. Bankruptcy, although a problem for banks, is not a problem for us. We can work on this as long as you are interested in rent to own and work with the team to build your credit history. Our goal is to help you qualify for the mortgage by the end of the rental period, which is on average two to three years.

I’m self employed. Can I apply?

Yes, in fact, this program is designed to help people like you!


How much will rent be?

Your rent depends on standard average market value for the area for the type of house you would like to own.

Can I renovate the property?

Yes, we would love for you to feel at home. After all, this is your property. But we would appreciate that you talk to us before making a big investment on the property during the rental period.