Lease Option / Rent to Own

 Have you had a dream to own a home but couldn’t achieve it due to either financial reasons to make the required deposit or you have the money but grappled with bad credit history to qualify for a mortgage through conventional funding? Are you self employed or declared bankruptcy?

Lease Option is for you!

We have a team that can help you build your credit and bridge you from renting into owning your own home.

Lease Option (LO) is a program that gives you the right to rent out a property for a certain period of time with an option to own it at the end of the period. Our LO Program is designed to help clients work with us and financial team during the period they rent the property to build their financial capacity and credit that will allow them to qualify for a mortgage on the property by the end of the contract period and own the property.

If you have more questions on how it works, we will arrange online or face to face session for free. You may also visit our Q&A section.

You will choose a home that you would like to own and we will get it for you.
Our goal is to transform renters to homeowners through a transparent process.

Contact us if you are interested in Lease Option/Rent to Own program.

Rent to Own Program

Benefits to Rent to Own

  • Say good-bye to paying down your landlord’s mortgage
  • Pride in home ownership – you are essentially the owner NOW!
  • Pet-friendly!
  • Solid plan to home ownership

What We Do

  • Help you move into a home of your choice in 2-3 months once you are qualified
  • Provide an easy-to-follow action plan
  • Customize a program and home that best suit your financial/ personal needs
  • Work with you to build your final deposit
  • Flexible deposit building options to ensure your home ownership at the end

How do you Qualify

  • Complete Questionnaire
  • Proof of available savings
  • Meet with our lending team to discuss purchase strategies
  • Follow the steps given

What are You Resposible For

  • Make your monthly payments on time
  • Provide insurance on your possessions (content insurance)
  • Pay the utility bills
  • Keep up the maintenance of your new home
  • Following the action plan given